Monday, 27 February 2012

What is Ghislebertus?


Ghislebertus is the blog of the website of Ciarán Walsh, idependent curator, film maker, writer and educator.

Who is Ghislebertus?

No one knows. He inscribed his name on a carving of the day of judgement on the west side of Autun Cathedral sometime in the 12th century; 'Ghislebertus hoc fecit' he wrote which translates from Latin as 'Ghislebertus did this.'

Why Ghislebertus? 

He's the first name in the history of art after the 'Dark Ages,' a maker on the cusp of a new era of imagining. He was a story teller, creating apalling vistas for the illiterate believers of mediaeval Europe in the new medium that was the romanesque cathedral - a massive narrative in stone embellished by Ghislebertus' blog on mortality, salvation and damnation.  

And he is still relevant. As Ireland teeters, one foot in a failed bank and the other in the abyss, the idea of a day of judgement is darkly humorous. But that is not the reason for this blog. Its merely the context.

So, Why Blog?

Let me think about that

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